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Friday, August 5, 2011

Lessons and New Ideas from the Summer 2011 Divisional Retreat

The divisional retreat, held on July 29, 2011, has received positive reviews from many in the division, including such comments as:

  • Enjoyed us staying on task
  • Completed objectives set out to do
  • Team aspect and camaraderie
  • Practical things done; let's keep the momentum going

To those ends we will begin with some positive new changes and projects:

  • An online newsletter for divisional news (you are reading it...)
  • Monthly Brown Bag Meetings for the whole division – informal, but real opportunities to share challenges and successes that members have experienced. 
  • Workgroups (Workplace, Communications, Student Service, etc). Will be based on the “square wheels/round wheels” concept developed at the retreat. Everyone in division will be part of a workgroup.
  • A half-day winter retreat beginning this February.
More to come...

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