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Friday, September 9, 2011

Square Wheel Work Groups

Workplace Satisfaction
Student Communication
Internal Communication
Excellent Student Service
New Student Advising
Augie Kafer
Sandi Smith
Joyce Burdette
Kurt Klettner
Sharon Smith
Pam Santer
Tom Yencha
Violet Mosser
Leslie Sims
Heather Cline
Abigail Bowers
Jeff Scott
Tim Beardsley
Emmanuel Ogwude
Michelle Nabers
Amy Dennis
Tess Martin
Pam Clevenger
Drema Starkey
Cathy Mutz

Sandy Swisher

Christine Post

Each group will meet for no more than one hour once per month excluding December.

Each group will have a leader who must not be a lead manager and must meet with Anthony Underwood once per month for 30 minutes to update him on the group’s work.

Agenda for Workgroup Meetings

1. Select ONE problem (“square wheel”) that the group will brainstorm about at that meeting.
2. Identify the problem.
3. Determine a possible solution(s).
4. Create suggested action steps to fix the problem.

For their meeting with Anthony, the leader should prepare a one page, bullet point summary of the group’s discussion based on points 2, 3, and 4.

Meetings will begin after September 16th. The Vice President’s office will organize the first meeting of each group and then it is the responsibility of each group to meet thereafter.